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Western Vocal Lessons

Get lessons for contemporary Western vocals. We all have this instrument with us. 


Guitar Lessons

The electric or acoustic guitar? What will you choose? A perfect instrument to learn a variety of styles.

learn piano online learn music at trill

Piano Lessons

Sink into the wonderful sounds the piano offers. Powerful yet full of grace and tranquil.


Drum Lessons

An elaborate instrument with a lot of scope. Explore rhythm patterns and percussive elements.

Learn vocal hindustani music online in I

Hindustani Vocal Lessons

Music can be meditative. What can be better than an early morning musical cleanse. 


Ukulele Lessons

The Ukulele makes a perfect companion. Learn how to make music with this happy instrument.

Learn piano keyboard online in India onl

Keyboard Lessons

The keys in modern times reeks of versatility in a mane of fusion. Create magic with your finger tips. 

violin lessons in bangalore music school

Violin Lessons

Create enchanting melodies with this immensely expressive instrument.



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Why take up online music lessons at Trill Route

Class quality

You are in good hands. Learn from professionals in the industry whether you are a beginner or advanced student. 

Pay for productivity

The session is waived off, if the student faces any technical difficulty. A risk free system to facilitate learning. 


Setup is simple, easy and in the comfort of your home. Learn in style and in your preferred ambience.

Need help?

Our managers are on it. If you need any assistance. We are a call/text away and ready to help.

Flexible timing

Customize your time and have more flexibility in your schedule. We'll be waiting for you.

Free practice assistance

Doubts persists? Send a video to our teacher, or have a chat outside your hours for additional guidance and clarifications.

Our faculties


Abhinandan Kar

Session guitarist & independent artist. Over 15 years of experience in studio & live performance.

Music teachers in bangalore trill route

Aysha Farheen

Playback singer- Indian film industry experience- 8th grade western vocal performer.


Vidya Panicker

Contemporary singer & session artist- Indian film industry with 15 years experience.

Gawin Infant

Bachelor degree in Western Classical Piano. Session pianist & music producer.


Allan Varghese

Bachelor degree in Western Classical Piano. Session pianist & Independent artist

Gireesh Rajan

Independent artist, teacher, session drummer with 15 years experience. Soultone endorsee.

Ashisha Ann

Bachelor degree in Western Classical Violin. 15 years of experience as Violin & vocal performer.

TRMA faculties

You would be under guidance of TRMA faculties with 15 years & above industry experience

Aniket Roy

Diploma in Music performance from SAM - Professional Jazz guitarist - 15 years experience


Aniruddha Vyas

Masters degree in Hindustani Music. Performances given in India and abroad.

How does it work?

Frequently asked questions

Does online session actually work?

Definitely. We have come a long way to curate and design lesson plans specifically for these sessions. Clear instructions and demonstrations are provided for your understanding. Teachers are available for follow up questions if doubts persist. You are free to send the video clips of your playing to the teachers for further clarifications. But hey, if you'd like to be in our premises and physically meet us, please feel free to drop by and take up our classroom sessions.

Do I get a trial session?

Definitely. We provide a 15 - 30 minute one-on-one trial session for you to get a taste of our classes. Our teachers will guide you through our processes, curriculum and will assess your interests and requirements. This will be free of charges.

What happens if there is a network issue during the session?

If you face significant connectivity issues that reduces the productivity of the session, we will replace or reschedule the session. If a mild connectivity issue occurs, the amount of time lost will be added on to your subsequent session.

What are the gadgets required for online lessons?

Your instrument, a laptop/ tablet/ phone(less preferred) and a decent internet connection is all you need.

Are the faculties qualified?

All our tutors have spent 15 years or above in studentship/ teaching/ performance. They are recognised and prominent in the independent music industry. Although they have degrees and awards to their name in music, the important factor is that they have dedicate their lives and livelihoods to music in its entirety.

What kind of genres would be taught?

Trill Route's curriculum is based around contemporary styles. All western contemporary courses will explore blues, funk, rock, metal, classical, jazz and other derivative fusion elements. Hindustani vocal courses will follow a traditionalist method through exploration of Raagas, Taals and other subsets.

What if I was not able to turn up for a session?

We would like to give you an alternate time at your convenience for your missed session. It is greatly appreciated if this can be informed well in advance.

Would I get to choose my timing?

Yes. Within the work hours of the school and tutors, our students are free to fix a timing of your convenice.

How expensive are the classes?

Our managers will take you through the services we offer and share information on the fee relevant to your course. We encourage you to take a trial session to evalute the "expensiveness" of the session. All beginner programs are discounted for affordability to encourage more individuals to join the musical community. We feel we have priced our services reasonably. But we are always available to hear your feedback.

Is there any age restriction?

Our youngest student is 5 and the oldest is 68. What we see is the student's ability to focus their attention, physical ability to handle the sessions and a strong will to get through the triumphs and tribulations of committed practice.

Admissions at Trill Route happens when there is a two way match. This is the time we get to know you and you get to know what we can offer you in return. 

Step 1

Choose a course that you find interesting and fill the online form above and click Book a trial

Step 3

Take the assessment, get the teacher's advice and enrol at TRMA.

Step 2

Our team will reach out and schedule a 20 to 30 minutes trial online assessment for you with our teachers.

The assessments at TRMA offer a great opportunity for our teacher and a prospective student to communicate.

You can freely discuss about your experience, expectations and goals, while the teacher facilitates understanding of the school curriculum, class method and opportunities at Trill Route. 

Feel free to reach out for more information.

Mail us: info@trillroutemusicacademy.com

Call us: +91-6361-540-146