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Why Student Assessment Programme (SAP)

Student Assessment Programme is a Trill Route exclusive. With this we achieve the most effective method for personalised progress tracking. It comprises of a series of evaluations at different point of their learning by different highly qualified artists. 

Modular Review

Each module is reviewed on its completion to understand the approach and practice of the student. Necessary corrections are made before progressing further.

Faculty Feedback

Students are given a one-on-one feedback on their marks. The teachers in turn understand the mindset, schedule and difficulties of their students.

Terminal Recitals

Frequent recitals help students become fearless on stage. An examiner panel assesses the performance. Strengths and drawbacks are duly noted and reverted to the mentor.


Students are allocated credits for appearing excelling and hitting different score slabs in core activities like recitals, jams, ear training sessions, general conduct and attendance.

Self Assessment

Students are given a questionnaire on their practice, performance, strengths and difficulties. This helps them fine-tune their practice routine


Each stage of evaluation assigns credits for students on different fields. Clearing credit targets and quality targets earns them ISO 9001:2015 stamped Trill Route Certification for Titles and Levels like Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

Performance Results

SAP Recital Performance Report - 2020

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Aadith Abhilash
Abhay Mithra
Abhishek Bharadwaj
Adbhut Patil
Adithya Devang Nair
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